Alpha Data Music+ FAQ

Our answers to frequently asked questions.

How can I learn to use your product?
You can learn to use Alpha Data Music+ by downloading our Get Started With Guide.

Is there a trial period?
We offer a 7-day trial for our core platform.

How much data do you receive?
We process billions of data points daily.

How far back does your music-consumption data reach?
We have data reaching back to early 2016.

Who are your data providers?
Our providers include the largest streaming platforms and music retailers in the world. They supply their data directly to our platform.

How do I request a demo?
You can fill out our Demo Request Form. An account executive will be back to you shortly.

When do your charts update?
Our consumption charts update daily. You can read more about our processes on the Methodology page.

How often is your data refreshed?
Our data refreshes daily, though our reporting also corresponds to the “music week,” which is Friday through Thursday of each week.

How can I get API access?
We offer enterprise solutions for Alpha Data Music+. Please reach out to and an account executive will respond to your shortly.

Do you have any walkthroughs or tutorials?
Please visit our Video Tutorials page.

Is your product global?
Yes. We receive data from across the world’s largest consumption territories and continue to grow our global footprint.

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